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Hot Tub Removal Services

Every Hot Tub Has a Story

  • Did you buy a hot tub twenty five years ago or more?
  • Is it still sitting in the same place on your back patio?
  • Taking up space where your wife or husband would like to place some lounge chairs?
You probably thought it was the best thing you ever purchased but it has now digressed into a rotting mass of cheap wood crawling with centipedes, ants, rats and spiders. Don't panic! Hot tub removal in Utah is what we do. For a nominal fee, we can get that eyesore out of your backyard and you can get on with using that frivolously occupied real estate. Over the past seven to ten years, hot tub removal in Salt Lake City has not only taken our company to ALL the cities in the Salt Lake Valley besides Salt Lake, but we have traveled up to the Canadian border and almost down to Mexico to deliver new, or to remove old hot tubs.

Many hot tubs that have been manufactured pre 2000 have a lot of insulation foam in them. A hot tub that leaks over many years can DOUBLE the original weight of the hot tub from the manufacturer. This is very important to consider when looking for a company that can help you with hot tub removal Utah.

A hot tub weighing in at one thousand pounds can easily cause severe bodily damage or death if handled improperly. It is of the utmost importance that you hire an experienced company that understands these risks and knows how to properly remove and dispose of a hot tub that has been left to the elements for so many years.

Have any funny stories about removing an old hot tub? Well here is one for you. During a hot tub removal in Salt Lake City, we backed our trailer to the edge of a large pit at the Salt Lake City landfill. Up came the hot tub as we pushed it off the back of the trailer and into the large pit. Much to my surprise, we unknowingly had transported a stowaway passenger in the bowels of the hot tub. Out of a large hole from the bottom of the foam filled hot tub came an enormous racoon! It was about the size of a small dog and had no idea how its life had been literally turned upside to end up at the County Landfill.

Out it jumped and off it ran over the edge of the pit, only to find another drop of about twenty feet to an awaiting garbage transport truck. I assume the truck transported the poor little guy to some unknown location in the landfill. We did not see him land in the truck, nor did either one of us see him scurry away. Nevertheless, it was a pretty amusing hot tub removal Utah story that I am sure I'll never forget; and I'm sure that our racoon friend won't either.

We are your hot tub removal experts in Utah!

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